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Nutra Org Beef Bone Broth-Turmeric


It’s rich in minerals and high in protein containing amino acids which can assist with the reduction of inflammation, help to strengthen bones, joints and muscle tissue.

Plus healing compounds such as collagen which provides the necessary building blocks to restore and repair the gut lining, encouraging the growth of good bacteria keeping immune system strong and increasing our overall wellbeing, improving digestive health, boosting metabolism and immunity, and promoting firmer, glowing skin.

Black pepper has been included in this blend for a reason more important than flavour! Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric is not very bioavailable, which means although it is present, it is hard for your body to naturally absorb. The piperine, in black pepper makes the curcumin over 2000 times more bio-available!

How is it made?

Beef bones are added to filtered water and apple cider vinegar (to assist in the extraction of the minerals) then slow cooked for 48 hours. Himalayan salt is added for the final stage of the broth, for flavour and nutrition. The broth is then strained for impurities and as it cools the fat is skimmed off the top. The broth is gently refracting dried into a powder, taking care to preserve the rich nutritional profile.


Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth Powder (Beef Bones, Filtered Water, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Himalayan Salt) Hydrolysed Collagen, Deactivated Vegan Savoury Flakes Black Pepper, Turmeric Powder* (5% Curcumin), Black Pepper.


Make nourishing broth in seconds!

Add 2 to 3 teaspoons per 100ml of boiling water for a hearty cup of goodness. Or alternatively use as a base for soups, stews, sauces and gravies for nutrition and taste. Serve hot.



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